Monday, September 28th, 2015
Bellingham’s Halloween Stores: Supplies for Spooktacular Celebrations

Fun lovers take heed! Two pop-up Halloween stores in Bellingham are open and ready to serve your needs for gory props, pumpkin-themed home decor, cute, cult or classic costumes for kids and adults, and even animated, life-sized props to spice up your home and scare the stuffing out of your friends and neighbors. (Also known as “animatronics.”)

Seeing how it’s still September, it might seem a bit early for Halloween shopping, but staffers say they are seeing plenty of enthusiastic customers, who are checking out all the new and exciting merch, and pre-planning their costumes and party props. What will you find to make your Halloween season (and it is officially a season) the most fun it can be? Take a look. . .


SpookShop, Bellingham, Halloween, Costumes

SpookShop has been locally owned and operated for 18 years. Along with a year-round store and warehouse on Marine Drive, they’ve just opened their seasonal retail store at Bellis Fair Mall, right across from the new H&M store, in the Macy’s wing.

Spook Shop, Bellingham, Halloween, Store, Costumes

A few familiar faces for Halloween!

SpookShop has plenty of merchandise to choose from—and new items are coming in every day. This is the place to go for high-quality masks, from classic to movie-themed, political to fancy Harlequin-style Mardi Gras styles.

Spook Shop, Bellingham, Halloween, Store, Costumes

Mardi Gras, Guardians of the Galaxy and plain ol’ creepy masks.

SpookShop also has you covered for costume accessories like makeup, tights, boas, fangs and blood. And you’ll find plenty to decorate your home, no matter what your theme may be. Need a bloody shower curtain, à la Psycho? No problem! How about a severed leg or arm for your tablescape? Coming right up!

Spook Shop, Bellingham, Halloween, Store, Costumes

Looking for a costume for trick or treat or to party in style? SpookShop’s adult costumes cover all the usual themes, like Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dia de los Muertos and Steampunk, while kids’ costumes lean toward the adorable, with cuddly animals and cute cartoon characters.

Spook Shop, Bellingham, Halloween, Store, Costumes

Top: Frozen and Grapes. Bottom: Leopard, Mouse and Tiger (They have lions and bears, too, oh my!)

Spook Shop, Bellingham, Halloween, Store, Costumes

Top: Toy Story, Star Wars. Bottom: Star Trek , Maleficent.

Check out SpookShop at Bellis Fair or at their warehouse location for everything you need to take Halloween to the next level!

Spook Shop, Bellingham, Halloween, Store, Costumes


Bellis Fair location: Suite 108, Macy’s Wing
Open Mall Hours
Monday - Saturday 10-9
Sunday 11-6

Opening for the holidays after Halloween!

Year-round location: 800 Marine Drive, Bellingham, WA 98225


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