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Pumps for Inflatable Mannequins

foot pump
Economical Foot Pump
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Convenient way to inflate and deflate
Internal spring improves performance
Only 4
1/2" tall
Includes 28" hose with two valve adapters
Weighs only 5 ounces

electric air pump
Electric Pump
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Efficient, fast air pump
Only 5" tall x 5" wide
Includes 9
1/2' power cord, valve adapters

bellows foot pump
Bellows Foot Pump
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2000 cc. capacity speeds inflation
7" x 9" base, 2" high when closed
Includes 42" hose and valve adapter
Weighs only 11/2 pounds

Foot pumps are great for inflatable mannequins... inexpensive, easy to use and lightweight. For faster inflation, choose an electric air pump.

Compact and lightweight, an inflatable mannequin is a perfect display form for temporary apparel displays. Speed and ease inflation with an electric pump or foot pump.

Inflatable mannequins are flexible, making them easy to dress.
Great for museum costumes, trade show displays, eBay clothing displays and as Halloween mannequins.

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