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Shown above with Painted Nipples






Sexy Mannequin

MannequinStore.com Exclusive

Mannequin Details

  • Well-Endowed

  • Rounded Buttocks

  • Hand Painted Make-Up

  • Feet for Heels or Thongs

  • Heavy Fiberglass Construction

  • Base, calf and Foot rods Included Free

5' 10" Tall - 44 lbs.
1/2 -241/2 - 361/2
"DD" Cup Breasts
Shoulders 17" wide
Inseam 33 1/2"

List $400.00
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Accessories Available for this model:
Pierced Ears  $9.99     Order Now!

Shown above wearing Dareen Wig
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sexy mannequinsexy mannequinsexy mannequinssexy female mannikin


Jo's bubble-butt rivals that of J-Lo, and she has large, shapely breasts to match.
Pair those with her ultra-long, slender legs and you have the makings of a fabulous clothing display.

Our sultry Narrow Bridge™ Female Mannequins are built to display lingerie, swimwear, hosiery and sexy high-heeled shoes. 

These voluptuous female mannequins feature 7 detachable parts for easy undressing.

Jo has particularly delicious features and glamorous, feminine hands. One of our most popular female mannequin styles.


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