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Vintage Mannequins

Sean Ryan

The word "vintage" holds much appeal for many, and vintage mannequins are no exception. There are fewer available all the time, as they are destroyed piece by piece, sometimes by accident, sometimes due to ignorance as to their historic value. In any case, real, antique mannequins are rather rare, and consequently rather expensive. They do offer traits that new manikins cannot - heavier, sturdier construction, and vintage styling. 

Beware the mannequin retailer who offers used "vintage" mannequins that are in perfect (or near-perfect) condition. Expect a vintage manikin to have crazed paint, chips, discolorations and minor surface scratches. Makeup styles were also different, with eyebrows often high, thin and arching, noses slightly upturned and well-defined lips. True vintage models not only were shaped differently - less detailed, more petite - but also were of different materials. Look for plaster, paper mache or combinations including wood.

Reproductions, though, can be a great way to achieve a retro look without the expense of actual antique mannequins. Busts are the most common reproductions, but you may also find full body mannequins.

Some Retro Mannequin Reproductions





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