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Able to bend at all joints (and some places in between), flexible mannequins allow you to add action and excitement to your clothing displays. By positioning a mannequin in a sporting or specific pose, the clothing displayed becomes more alive to the buyer, and allows them to see its full potential. Besides the wired manequins, there are also bending joints of different materials. Wooden arms are quite common, and arms and legs with metal joints are becoming more so.

They can be used standing, sitting or lying down, offering plenty of options. Some articulated mannequins even have bendable fingers, but allow some positions that even bendies cannot.

Most classic mannequins are made of fiberglass, plaster or plastics that don't allow any bending or positioning. The flexible models allow a whole new dimension for your clothing displays. A single mannequin can golf one week, ski the next, and sit on a bench with a newspaper the third - all it requires is a pair of mannequin-wranglers and some creative display ideas.

                                        Some Poseable Mannequins