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Cheap Mannequins

Clara Rawlings

Like anything else, you get what you pay for. You may be able to find mannequins for less money, but most likely they will be inferior in some way. If used, they may be broken, cracked, chipped, or missing parts, or may not fit together well. If they are new, they are very likely made of an inexpensive (and less stout) mix of plastic and fiberglass. And even if they are relatively sturdy, they will likely lack the detail that a slightly more expensive mannequin would have.
                                     Inexpensive Mannequins

And remember, display mannequins pay for themselves in increased sales. Don't sell yourself short by investing in mannequins that don't make you happy. With a little effort and looking around, you will find a selection of well-priced mannequins that are also sturdy and detailed.












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