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articulated mannequins

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egghead male
Adjustable Male Mannequin
White Egg Head


Our adjustable mannequins now offer jointed (wooden) hands, for more versatility in posing.
This heavy-duty model is recommended for MEs, forensics classes and other crime scene training.


articulated mannequin male
Poseable Mannequin Male
Sorry; Out of Stock
jointed female mannequins
Poseable Mannequin Female

Sorry; Out of Stock


These jointed adjustable mannequins can attain nearly any human position. Unlike most flexible mannequins, these have ball-jointed shoulders and hips, allowing positions like scissored-open legs, and arms perpendicular to the body. These are perfect for active poses like horseback or motorcycle riding, weightlifting, or even wrapping an arm around another mannequin.


realistic male flexible mannequin
Bendable Male Mannequin
Mannequin with Realistic Face

Poseable and Adjustable Mannequins
offer versatility!
The totally bendable wire armature allows you to position them in multiple
ways to add interest to your displays.
Note: "Spine" does not bend.

Change poses to keep your customers noticing!

realistic female flexible mannequin
Bendable Female


Articulated Mannequin Female
with Realistic Face

male flexible mannequin 
Flexible Male Mannequin

flexible mannequin child
Child Size Flexible Mannequins
starting at $79.99

female flexible mannequin
Flexible Female Mannequin

Totally posable mannequin!

pose forensic mannequin
Forensic Mannequin Male


For use in courtrooms, forensic studies, by medical examiners and criminal investigators, these foam mannequins offer versatility and realism.

Forensic Female


Buy Trajectory Rods
to illustrate wound tracks.


Mannequins with jointed arms and the rest of the body rigid are lower priced, and still offer the versatility of movement and change that you want in your merchandising displays.

Silver featureless female mannequin with bendable arms
Adjustable Female Mannequin
Featureless, Bendable Arms


egghead male
Adjustable Male Mannequin
Black Egg Head


About Adjustable Mannequins

Need to pose your mannequin?
Adjustable Mannequins make it possible! Available in a variety of adult and child sizes, our articulated mannequin line includes baby, toddler, child size and adult male and female mannequins. Adult pose mannequins are also available with realistic heads. Bendable arms detach at the shoulder to allow easy dressing. All adjustable mannequins include free base and stand.

Children's clothing retailers love the ability to bend and pose the poseable child size mannequins any way they like, to reflect the active lifestyles of children. Crime scene reenactments, crash tests, safety testing and forensics also use flexible mannequins to illustrate realistic motions and postures. Museums enjoy displaying period clothing and lifestyle poses not found in mass-market static fiberglass mannequins.

Get creative! Take advantage of the variety of poses our articulated mannequins can offer your displays.

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