museum Mannequins

Museum Mannequins

See our selection of adult, child size and flexible mannequins for all your Museum Display needs.

True archival mannequins are expensive, and you may choose to use a regular store display mannequin in a museum or uniform display. If you do, consider this information before putting expensive (or irreplaceable) clothing on mannequins:

Most modern mannequins are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), which in some cases contains PVC or other potentially harmful components. To help protect the costumes on display, use mannequins only for temporary displays (3 months or less), and do not place them in sealed showcases, which do not allow harmful vapors to dissipate. Wrap the areas of the mannequins that will be dressed in soft cotton first, to absorb a portion of the gases. (Choose tight-knit fabric; pre-wash in bleach-free, dye-free, scent-free detergent and do not use fabric softener.)

Fiberglass mannequins are most often finished with acrylic paint. Some of the same precautions should be taken to help protect display items from fading or hardening.

Whether you are creating a military uniform display, a vintage clothing display or a deluxe collector costume display, make sure that your choice of display mannequins is thoughtful and that you take what steps you can to protect your sometimes delicate items.

Besides the standard static manikins, flexible forms make great museum displays too. They offer a curator or set dresser the ability to pose the mannequin in nearly any way they wish, and are available with or without realistic heads, one of which may be preferred, depending on the type of display being created.

If you are displaying vintage clothing or military uniforms and need a smaller form, consider inflatable mannequins that can be dressed while partially inflated, then filled to the perfect small sizes.

Our articulated mannequins are favorites as museum display mannequins, bike shop mannequins, motorcycle mannequins and for sporting poses.

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