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Flexible Female MannequinBendable Male MannequinMale Flexible Mannequin
Try an Adjustable Mannequin
 for your sports poses or forensics
, female and child size mannequins

Sitting Female MannequinsSitting Female  MannequinBeautiful Female Store Display Mannequin
Need a Female Mannequin?
from child size to plus size or pregnant
, mannequins are perfect clothing displays

Inflatable MannequinInflatable Torso MannequinMale Economy Inflatable Mannequin
Lightweight Inflatable Mannequin
perfect for trade shows or travel
simple to inflate
, easy to store

Sitting Male Mannequin SeatedFeatureless Male Egghead MannequinEthnic Black Mannequin Afro
Buy a Male Mannequin
to display apparel, military uniforms or costumes
, sitting, abstract or realistic

Quality Washable  Mannequin Wig
Remember to include a Mannequin Wig
high quality wigs that you can wash and style
vibrant colors and flattering cuts
Dressmaker Mannequin dress formsWire Frame MannequinModel Torso Mannequindress form mannequin torso antique style
View our Dressmaker Mannequin styles
need a tailor or dress form?
also great display mannequins

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and many more!

If you need mannequins that you don't see, please contact our mannequin sales specialists - we may be able to find them for you.

About Mannequins
People have been marketing apparel with Mannequins for centuries, but never like this! Small businesses and boutiques that couldn't afford to buy mannequins 20 years ago now have the ability to display their apparel like the large department stores; on mannequins and dress forms. There is a difference in quality among mannequins, no doubt. Those that cost upwards of $2,000 each are arguably more detailed than their less expensive counterparts, but even a cheap mannequin with funky proportions or fat wrists sells more clothing than any hanger ever has. At Mannequin Store, we believe in quality and price. We offer mannequins that have proper human proportions, both in length and girth, and in quality materials. If you want a cheap mannequin that looks cheap, this is not the place to shop for your mannequins. If you want mannequins for sale that are artfully sculpted, hand-painted and overall very nice, we are your mannequin source.

A mannequin is an effective advertising tool. Research shows that mannequins pay for themselves by increasing clothing sales. If you sell apparel (anything from swimwear to outerwear,) the better it is displayed, the better it will sell. For those of us who lack great imagination, a mannequin offers a three-dimensional view of clothing - these "silent salespeople" allow your customers to envision themselves in the apparel displayed on the mannequins - and that sells clothing. With current mannequins so reasonably priced, there's no good reason not to buy mannequins!

If you're new to the world of mannequins, read our guide "
How to Select a Mannequin" for some basic ideas.

Here are some basic points about mannequins. Most mannequins are made of fiberglass, often with some plastic content (you may see "FRP", or fiberglass reinforced plastic.) Some are now also completely plastic, and will most often be listed as such (usually PVC.)

Most mannequins come in 7 pieces: torso and head; hips and one leg; second leg; arms; hands. They are easily assembled with self-explanatory fittings; having them in pieces makes dressing your mannequins much easier.

Unless stated otherwise, most mannequins' arms will move zombie-style parallel to the body, but unless they are articulated (jointed) or soft foam over a wire armature, they are rigid, meaning that you can't bend an elbow or knee.

Standing mannequins require a base and rod to stay upright. These are included free on MannequinStore, but some sites offer them as an additional purchase. There are two types of rods most often used in new mannequins - foot, and calf. The foot rod extends directly into the bottom of one foot, and requires creating a hole to display a shoe or boot. Calf rods allow shoes to be worn without damage, but some people do not like the look of the fitting hole in the back of the calf.

Most display mannequins are not of archival quality. Click here for some tips about keeping your treasured uniform, costume or textile or clothing museum piece safer.

Whether you want a display mannequin for your department store, boutique or museum, has the perfect mannequin for you. It's a mannequin mall! We offer everything from male and female headless mannequins, to egghead mannequins with no features, to realistic mannequins sculpted and hand-painted to look like real people. We also carry adjustable mannequins, in sizes ranging from toddler to adult female and male mannequins. These bendable manikins have wire skeletons, which allow them to be posed in nearly any natural (or even unnatural) pose you may desire. And for the tailors and dressmakers among you, we also offer dressmaker forms and full-body tailor forms.

Our customers find many uses for mannequins, including museum displays, store window displays, haunted house props and as stand-ins for TV and film shoots. Our flexible female mannequin is often used on CBS' popular crime drama, "CSI:NY." Courtrooms and medical examiners also use our forensic mannequins to study and illustrate how victims' injuries occurred. Whether you need an adult male or female mannequin or a mannequin child, our online mannequin store has many options for you, from realistic or "European" mannequins, to abstract mannequins, to faithfully reproduced vintage mannequins and busts. We also offer anatomically correct mannequin forms for panties and briefs - so artistically done they could double as sculptures to display by themselves.

Online since 2002, you can count on Mannequin Store to provide you with quality mannequins at great prices. Thank you for shopping with us!

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